How to Display Graphics from Golgi using X-Win32 on Windows


Golgi, like most Linux and UNIX systems, uses a graphical windowing system called X11 to display graphics and graphical user interfaces. To allow golgi to display graphics on your workstation, the workstation needs to be running software called an "X Server". Each of the Windows workstations at BIAC has the StarNet X-Win32 X Server installed to allow you to use Golgi. The topics for this HOWTO are:

Setting up a dummy X-Win32 session

X-Win32 allows the user to setup a "session" for each host storing the information necessary to connect to a particular UNIX/Linux host. However, at BIAC we recommend using a F-Secure SSH Client Profile instead of a X-Win32 session to initiate the connection to Golgi. However, X-Win32 will prompt the user to setup a session each time the program is launched if there is not at least one session. Therefore, a dummy session can be setup as follows to avoid this issue.

  1. Launch X-Win32 from the Start Menu.
  2. Choose "rsh" in the "Connect Method" window and then choose "Next"

    Connect Method screenshot

  3. Type "dummy" in the host field of the "Unix Host" window and then choose "Next"

    Unix Host screenshot

  4. Leave "Login" blank in the "Login ID" window and then choose "Next"

    Login ID screenshot

  5. Choose "Linux" in the "Host Command" window and then choose "Next"

    Host Command screenshot

  6. Type "dummy" in the name of session field of the "Name of Session" window and then choose "Next"

    Name of Session screenshot

Configuring X-Win32

The following settings should be applied the first time that you use X-Win32

  1. Launch X-Config from the Start Menu.
  2. Choose the "Security" tab and do the following

    XConfig Security Tab screenshot

  3. Click "OK"

This configuration uses a "X11 Tunnelling" for security and convenience. Advanced users at BIAC may use a different configuration for increased performance as described here.

Connecting to Golgi with graphics

  1. Launch X-Win32 from the Start Menu. When X-Win32 is running a blue X will appear in the taskbar as shown below.

    X-Win32 Server Running screenshot

  2. Connect to Golgi using F-Secure SSH. See related HOWTO
  3. Launch your graphical program of interest (e.g. fscan, matlab, etc.)
  4. When you are done using Golgi, shutdown X-Win32 by right-clicking on the X in the taskbar and choosing "Close".

    X-Win32 Shutdown Server screenshot