Classroom talk

BIAC faculty and staff are deeply committed to education and training activities. Formal undergraduate and graduate courses in functional neuroimaging are offered in BIAC, complemented by many workshops, in-services, and forum discussions on specific topics involving all faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and technical staff. In particular, BIAC faculty HuettelSong, and McCarthy published the first functional MRI textbook (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Sinauer Associates) in 2004. This textbook, along with accompanied teaching materials, has been adopted by many peer institutions in the country and around the world.

Currently, graduate students from Biomedical EngineeringNeurobiology, and Psychology and Neuroscience are in residence at BIAC conducting dissertation research under the guidance of the core faculty members. BIAC is also collaborating with CCNPNNeurobiology, and Philosophy on the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program. In addition, many post-doctoral students supported by faculty research or training grants are conducting mentored research projects at BIAC. Recent college graduates may apply for postbaccalaureate research opportunities at BIAC.