Starting Research at BIAC

In order to manage the usage of BIAC's MRI systems, all research projects conducted at the BIAC must be approved by its Scientific Review Committee. This committee is composed of core BIAC faculty and affiliated investigators. It reviews research proposals and awards magnet time on a priority basis. A template for research proposals to BIAC is provided in Microsoft Word below (please do not simply submit a copy of a grant proposal as it will significantly slow down the review process). The review criteria include scientific merit and significance, technical feasibility, and funding status. Magnet time for unfunded pilot or preliminary studies is provided with the understanding that the investigators will actively seek funding. In some instances, a limited number of time slots may be awarded to an investigator with the proviso that s/he present an analysis of their preliminary data before additional slots are provided. Approval for all projects is subject to annual review and renewal.

To begin a new study, therefore, please submit a research proposal in the described below by e-mail to the Scientific Review Committee and fax a copy of your IRB or IACUC "Notification of Approval" to the BIAC main office. Investigators who would like pilot time should send an email request for such time to Allen Song, in addition to submitting the research proposal and IRB form. Failure to submit any of the necessary information may result in a delay in the review process.

The Scientific Review Committee generally meets on the first Monday of the month. Proposals submitted throughout the month will be reviewed at the next scheduled committee meeting. Once a proposal is approved, an experiment code (e.g., Memory.01) will be assigned and the new experiment will be entered into BIAC's scheduling database. Once your study is in our database you will be able to use the BIAC Web-based calendar to schedule scanner time.

For additional information, please see the BIAC policy for submission and review of protocols that utilize the BIAC scanners SOP109: Approval for BIAC Scanner Use.