Brain image, sagittal DTI

Recent News

Congratulations to Jenna Merenstein, PhD, for winning a Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development from the Office of Postdoctoral Services! This award provides reimbursement for activities that support postdocs' professional growth and development. Jenna will be using her award to complete workshops and courses at the Society for Neuroscience International conference.
Hollie Mullin, a former clinical research intern and BIAC postbacc in the Madden Lab, was just awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Hollie is currently a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in clinical neuropsychology at Penn State. In her fellowship project she will be investigating age-related differences in the reliability of resting-state functional connectivity network properties.
Congratulations to Spencer Lynch, MS, for defending his Master’s scholarship project! Spencer contributed to the development of a method to synchronize ultrasound, MRI, and video data acquired in the same subject, so that they can be used with a machine learning algorithm to generate synthetic MR images.
Congratulations to Beth Reed, MS, for defending her Master’s scholarship project! Beth contributed to the development of an integrated radio-frequency/shim breast coil array that can perform MR imaging and localized B0 shimming, resulting in reduced B0 inhomogeneities and image distortions in breast imaging.
Brain images

Our Mission

As a major imaging resource for Duke University, BIAC strives for excellence in its dual mission of research and service. BIAC faculty members are leaders in imaging methodology development, in analysis techniques, as well as in their application in cognitive and clinical neurosciences. In addition, BIAC offers imaging service to other imaging faculty members on campus and at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.